Animoto – A mind blowing AI video editor

Say goodbye to mundane slideshows and embrace the future of dynamic storytelling with Animoto, the cutting-edge web application that harnesses the revolutionary potential of Cinematic Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technology and high-end motion design. This game-changing platform has officially hit the public sphere, offering users the ability to effortlessly generate professionally produced videos that combine user-selected images and music, resulting in fully customized visual symphonies.

Passionate veterans of the entertainment industry founded Animoto Productions in August 2006, with its headquarters situated in the bustling metropolis of New York City, and an additional office located in vibrant San Francisco. They are dedicated to empowering people to share their stories and creative expressions through innovative video production technologies.

Animoto’s Cinematic A.I. technology

The heart and soul of Animoto lie in its ground-breaking Cinematic A.I. technology, which operates like a seasoned director and editor combined. This sophisticated A.I. not only analyzes but ingeniously combines user-selected images and music, applying the same post-production finesse found in top-tier television and film projects. What’s truly astounding is the A.I.’s ability to factor in every nuance of the chosen song – from its genre, structure, energy, rhythm, instrumentation, to the mesmerizing vocals. As a result, each Animoto video becomes a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, even when starting from an identical set of images and music. The output is nothing short of a captivating music video with the emotional punch of a spellbinding movie trailer.

These dynamic videos, crafted in widescreen format, allow users to effortlessly share them via email, download, and embed them in popular social media platforms like Facebook and MySpace, showcasing their creations to the world with ease.

The efficiency of Animoto’s video production process is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Industry experts, like MTV Producer Hyunjoo Kim, have lauded the platform’s ability to replicate high-budget post-production work, typically taking days in an editing room, within mere minutes. The democratization of video creation has finally arrived, empowering anyone with the tools to produce polished videos online, without any prior technical expertise.

Not only is Animoto revolutionizing video creation, but it also champions new artists and music. Users have the option to upload their own tunes, but Animoto takes pride in its regularly updated selection of fresh music in the Animoto Music Lounge. Curated by renowned music licensing company Uncommon Trax, the collection has previously featured songs that have graced the soundtracks of critically acclaimed projects, such as HBO’s Entourage, Sex & The City, and Grand Theft Auto.


In conclusion, Animoto is the future of video creation – a breathtaking fusion of Cinematic A.I. prowess and human creativity, effortlessly transforming simple images and music into electrifying visual experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned video professional or a novice exploring your creative side, Animoto promises to be the perfect companion on your journey to captivate, inspire, and engage your audience like never before.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this transformative wave. Embrace the power of Animoto and let your stories come alive in vivid, dynamic form. The world is waiting to see your unique vision unfold! Signup Now.

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