Best Free Microsoft Courses Online with Certificate (2023)

Free Microsoft courses

Microsoft Office is a package of useful software. It includes word processors, spreadsheets, and presentation programs. These programs all look the same. Many people use Microsoft Office, but it costs money. Nobody knows there are also free Microsoft courses out there that had made learning office skills easier. Here’s a list of some good FREE … Read more

Supercharge Your Coding: Tools That Make a Programmer’s Life Easier

Coding tools, testing debugging

There are numerous Coding tools and technologies that can significantly improve a programmer’s productivity and efficiency. Here’s a list of tools that have the potential to make a programmer’s life easier: Integrated Development Environments (IDEs): Version Control Systems: Package Managers: Containerization and Virtualization: Automation and Build Tools: Text Editors: Collaboration Tools: Debugging Tools: Code Review … Read more

Blazor and Web Assembly

Blazor and Web Assembly

Blazor, developed by Microsoft, is a web framework that enables developers to build interactive web user interfaces using C# instead of JavaScript. It provides a rich set of UI components and tools, facilitating the creation of single-page applications (SPAs). Blazor closely links to WebAssembly (Wasm), a binary instruction format designed for web browsers. By leveraging … Read more


Blazor and Web Assembly

WebAssembly, or Wasm, revolutionizes web development by enabling high-performance applications. It seamlessly integrates with JavaScript and has use cases in web apps, gaming, simulations, IoT, and more. By following a compilation, loading, validation, execution, and integration process, WebAssembly delivers near-native execution speed and enhanced security. With its ability to handle complex tasks and interact with JavaScript, WebAssembly empowers developers to create exceptional web experiences. It is supported by major browsers and has a range of development tools and frameworks to streamline the development process.

Microsoft Learn AI Challenge 2023

Microsoft Learn AI

The Microsoft Learn AI Skills Challenge is a program that is designed to help individuals acquire essential AI skills and stay ahead in the field of artificial intelligence. This challenge offers immersive and curated AI training content across various Microsoft products and services. By participating in the AI Skills Challenge, you have the opportunity to … Read more