Selection Sort – Data Structure and Algorithm

Functioning as a fundamental sorting algorithm, much like the way you organize playing cards, selection sort virtually divides an array into two distinct segments: a sorted part and an unsorted one. Unlike insertion sort, which focuses on finding the right position for each element, selection sort emphasizes locating the smallest (or largest) element and placing … Read more

Insertion Sort – Data Structure and Algorithm

Insertion sort functions as a straightforward sorting algorithm, resembling the manner in which you arrange playing cards in your hands. It virtually divides the array into two segments: one sorted and the other unsorted. From the unsorted portion, it selects values and positions them accurately within the sorted segment. This process keeps continuing with each … Read more

Using Google Custom Search API with Python

Google APIs are like superpowers for developers. They’re a set of tools that let you tap into the magic of Google’s services and add their capabilities to your own projects. Think of them as a treasure trove of functions and data that you can use to create awesome applications. Google Custom Search Json API lets … Read more

Supercharge Your Coding: Tools That Make a Programmer’s Life Easier

Coding tools, testing debugging

There are numerous Coding tools and technologies that can significantly improve a programmer’s productivity and efficiency. Here’s a list of tools that have the potential to make a programmer’s life easier: Integrated Development Environments (IDEs): Version Control Systems: Package Managers: Containerization and Virtualization: Automation and Build Tools: Text Editors: Collaboration Tools: Debugging Tools: Code Review … Read more