Pictory – The revolutionary AI video editor

Introducing Pictory , the revolutionary AI video editor that is set to blow your mind! With its cutting-edge cloud-based technology, Pictory automates the entire video creation process, transforming long-form text and video content into captivating short videos tailor-made for social sharing.

Get ready to experience seamless AI video editing like never before as Pictory effortlessly cleans up your footage, inserts logos, adds dynamic intros and outros, and crafts mesmerizing highlight reels. But that’s not all! This game-changing software also transcribes, captions, and even summarizes your videos, ensuring maximum accessibility and engagement. Whether you prefer to narrate the videos yourself, employ an AI voiceover, or utilize text-based narration, Pictory offers an array of options to suit your creative vision. Say goodbye to cumbersome video editing and hello to a whole new world of effortless, mind-blowing video creation with Pictory!

Pictory’s core AI features 

Automatically Caption Your Videos

Pictory empowers you to reach a wider audience with its automatic video captioning feature. Easily increase engagement, accessibility, and SEO rankings by adding captions. Save time and money with in-house captioning and enjoy incredible accuracy for maximum clarity. Pictory’s AI-driven approach ensures your videos are accessible and engaging, allowing your message to resonate with audiences at work and beyond.

Script to Video Generation

Pictory’s script-to-video generation feature is a game-changer, leveraging AI technology to automatically convert long-form text and video content into short, captivating videos optimized for social sharing. This powerful tool saves YouTubers, marketers, and course creators time and effort by producing professional-quality videos in just minutes. With over 3 million video clips and crystal-clear narration options, Pictory brings scripts to life like never before.

Blog to Video Creation

Effortlessly convert blog posts into engaging videos with Pictory’s blog-to-video creation feature. Perfect for personal bloggers and companies, this tool extends your reach by transforming written content into visually stunning videos. Thanks to AI’s capabilities, enjoy fast and easy usage while accessing a vast library of video clips, images, and music tracks. Customize the narration with your voice or realistic AI voices, and captivate your audience by publishing your creations on social media platforms.

Edit Videos Using Text Quickly & Easily

Pictory makes video editing a breeze with its unique text-based approach. Simply use text to edit your videos, saving time and eliminating the need to learn complex software. The AI-driven system ensures even long videos are edited within minutes, delivering pro-level results. Pictory removes filler words and silences, allowing your content to shine. The option to add captions increases accessibility, and the cloud-based feature ensures compatibility with any computer.

Automatically Summarizes Long Videos

Pictory’s AI takes the lead in automatically summarizing long videos into concise and engaging highlight reels. Within minutes, transform extensive content into short, attention-grabbing clips that captivate your audience. This feature maximizes viewer engagement, repurposes content, and enhances shareability across various platforms. Say goodbye to sifting through lengthy recordings; Pictory’s automatic summarization saves you time and effort, effectively delivering your key points. With Pictory’s powerful AI, video summarization becomes effortless, leaving a lasting impact on your audience.

Pictory empowers you to create captivating videos effortlessly, making your content stand out and maximizing engagement. Signup now.

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