number in link list

I have this program in c which i ask user if how many numbers they want to have then i store it in a link list then print it.   #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> struct node{ int data; struct node *link; }; void add_end(struct node **, int); int main(){ int n, m; printf(“How many numbers: … Read more

Embedded system

Suggest the correct roadmap to become an embedded c software developer for startup

JsonApiDotNetCore and SignalR implementation

I’m using the JsonApiDotNetCore library, and I’m trying to push data through SignalR to the clients. Pushing the data is no problem, however, I want to be this data formatted according to the JSON:API specs. As the JsonApiDotNetcore library already does this for general API calls, I’m trying to do the same for the SignalR … Read more