esp32 to control the temperature within my aquarium.

Looking for help with my latest project if possible. I am using an esp32 to control the temperature within my aquarium. I am able to send an mqtt message to change the values of two global variables which are floating point numbers. Then every 24 for hours I reboot the ESP32. It checks to see … Read more

number in link list

I have this program in c which i ask user if how many numbers they want to have then i store it in a link list then print it.   #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> struct node{ int data; struct node *link; }; void add_end(struct node **, int); int main(){ int n, m; printf(“How many numbers: … Read more

Increasing or Decreasing Sequence

You are given a sequence of numbers, represented as a list of integers. Your task is to implement a function that Determine if the sequence is strictly increasing, strictly decreasing, or neither. A sequence is strictly increasing if each element is greater than the previous element, strictly decreasing if each element is less than the … Read more