Scratch Programming – Assembling a Scene in Scratch

Crafting a Scene in Scratch involves actively assembling different components. By selecting backgrounds and sprites, you initiate the process. Furthermore, You can seamlessly adjust their positions, sizes, and orientations, using tools that facilitate easy manipulation. This dynamic approach empowers you to merge diverse elements cohesively, resulting in an engaging and interactive visual experience. Let’s Explore it!

Select the Backdrops optionIt’s the second tab from the left in the upper-left corner.

To begin, select a background from the available options. When you click on the “Backdrops” tab, you’ll find all the loaded backdrops listed in the left panel. If you wish to rename a backdrop, simply use the bar located above the drawing area, right next to the “Costume” section. Type in the new name you want for the backdrop, and you’re good to go.

Insert a sprite in the scene

Neatly listed in the upper-right corner, just below the play area, are all the sprites you’ve uploaded. To bring a sprite into the scene, easily click and drag it right into the play area. Once there, position it wherever you’d like. And remember, you have the flexibility to change an object’s location anytime – just click and drag it to the new spot you have in mind.

Increase or decrease the size of a sprite

 Furthermore, for resizing a sprite, simply input the desired percentage in the box adjacent to “Size.”

The direction of sprite can be changed

To alter a sprite’s direction, start by clicking the box next to “Direction.” Afterward, employ the arrow on the compass by clicking and dragging it to the desired orientation. For a flip in the opposite direction, utilize the icon resembling two arrows converging under the compass.

Rename a sprite

To rename a sprite, simply enter its name in the box next to “Sprite” below the play area.

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