Binary Search

Binary search efficiently searches for a specific element in a sorted array or list. It follows a divide-and-conquer approach, repeatedly dividing the search space in half until it finds the target element or determines that the element is not present in the array. Working of Binary Search Algorithm Here’s a simple explanation of how binary … Read more

Bucket Sort – Data Structure and Algorithms

Bucket Sort actively employs the division of elements into distinct groups, known as buckets. Uniformly distributing the elements across their respective ranges creates these buckets. After partitioning into buckets, subsequent sorting procedures, carried out by other sorting algorithms, take center stage. Ultimately, the process culminates in assembling the meticulously sorted elements, resulting in a precisely … Read more

Radix Sort – Data Structures and Algorithms

Radix Sort stands as a linear sorting technique that sorts elements by methodically examining them digit by digit. This algorithm proves to be highly efficient when sorting integers or strings featuring fixed-size keys. Instead of directly comparing elements, It actively distributes the elements into buckets according to the value of each digit. Through successive sorting … Read more

DFS (Depth First Search)

Tree fir DFS

The DFS algorithm, or Depth-First Search algorithm, explores or searches a graph or tree. It operates by venturing as far as possible along each branch before retracing its steps. This traversal method follows a depth-first approach, prioritizing the exploration of the deepest nodes first. By utilizing a stack data structure, DFS effectively keeps track of … Read more