Kubernetes (K8)

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Kubernetes, or K8s for short, functions as an open-source system that automates the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. This system effectively organizes the constituent containers of an application into coherent and manageable units, simplifying their oversight and identification. Leveraging Google’s extensive 15-year background in operating production workloads, Kubernetes integrates top-tier concepts and practices … Read more

DevOps Engineering : Beginners Guide

DevOps Engineering, A Complete Guide for Beginners

what DevOps entails, the roles and responsibilities of a DevOps engineer, essential technical knowledge, commonly used programming languages.

DevOps Tools:

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In the realm of DevOps, a wide range of tools and technologies are available to support the implementation of automation, collaboration, and infrastructure management. These tools play a crucial role in streamlining and enhancing various aspects of the software development lifecycle. You can Read Our Article “DevOps Engineering: Beginners Guide” to learn more about DevOps. … Read more