Using Google Custom Search API with Python

Google APIs are like superpowers for developers. They’re a set of tools that let you tap into the magic of Google’s services and add their capabilities to your own projects. Think of them as a treasure trove of functions and data that you can use to create awesome applications. Google Custom Search Json API lets … Read more

Dictionaries in Python

Dictionaries are an important data structure in Python that allow you to store and retrieve data in key-value pairs. In this article, we will explore dictionaries in Python, covering dictionary creation, accessing values, modifying dictionaries, dictionary methods, dictionary comprehension, and providing practice exercises to reinforce your understanding. 1. Creating Dictionaries: Dictionaries in Python are created … Read more

Sets in Python: An In-depth Guide

Learn about the powerful data structure of sets in Python, including set creation, modifying sets, set operations, and more. Practice exercises included.

Tuples in Python

Learn all about tuples in Python, a fundamental data structure used to store collections of elements. Discover how to access, update, and loop through tuples, as well as useful tuple methods. Plus, practice exercises to reinforce your understanding.

Creating Mandelbrot in Python

creating mandalbrot using python

Mandelbrot sets are fascinating mathematical objects that exhibit intricate and infinitely complex patterns. They are named after Benoit Mandelbrot, a mathematician who discovered and popularized them in the 1970s. In this article, we will explore the concept of Mandelbrot’s sets, their scientific significance, and how to generate them using Python. We will start with a … Read more