Which Programming Language to learn in 2023

This is the Era of Technology. A lot of Jobs have been replaced by computers/Robots. So, The Best way to Earn and keep your future secure is to learn a programming language and become part of Developers Community. In Previous Article, we discussed what programming is. Today We will see the scope of different programming languages which are in-demand in 2023 and can help you land in the world of technology and secure a high paying job.

Which Programming Language you should learn in 2023

Choosing a Programming Language

It is the most difficult job for beginners to choose from where to start. Which Programming Language they should learn? Which programming languages for devops are highly Paid? etc.. They ask from different people and everyone gives them opinion based on their own experience. But Keep in mind that, choosing a language should be your own decision after deciding what you want to become in the end? In the World of Computer, there are hundreds of Languages, and each language have it’s own scope and usage. For the Development of a Product, we choose the language which best suits our requirements. Just like Doctors suggest different medicines for different diseases, we have different languages for different tasks. Now let’s Discuss some of them for different domains of work.  

  • Python
  • Javascript
  • C# 
  • Go Language
  • Rust
  • Kotlin
  • Sql
  • C++
Which Programming Language you should learn in 2023

Now lets discuss all these one by one.

1. Python

Python is widely regarded as the most popular and easiest language to learn. When seeking advice on which language to learn, a majority of people, approximately 7 out of 10, would suggest Python. The reason behind its recommendation is the evolving world, where Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are becoming increasingly prevalent. Python finds extensive use in fields like Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Backend web development, and Automation Scripting. The language’s simplicity, versatility, and vast library ecosystem make it the top choice for many developers.

When it comes to learning Python, there are various resources available. One option is to explore “Learn Python,” a free interactive Python tutorial that provides a structured approach to learning the language.

2. Javascript

Javascript stands out as a first frontend language to learn in 2023.  It is a dynamic scripting language used to give web pages and apps interactive behaviour. It is mostly used by programmers to control how websites behave and interact with their visitors. However, JavaScript has a variety of additional intriguing applications. With the help of the Node.js framework, JavaScript can now be used in server-side, back-end applications. Furthermore, JavaScript is great for data visualisation thanks to tools like D3.js. React, Angular, Vue, jQuery, ExpressJS, Backbone, and other strong JavaScript frameworks are also available.

You can learn Javascript and its frameworks from:  w3Schools, Code Acedamy 

3. C#

Learning C# in 2023 can be a valuable choice, especially if you are interested in Windows development, game development using Unity, or building cross-platform applications with Xamarin. C# is a versatile programming language with a strong presence in the Microsoft ecosystem. It is used for developing a wide range of applications, including desktop applications, web services, mobile apps, and games.

C# has a large community and a robust framework (.NET) that provides libraries and tools for various development tasks. Additionally, with the introduction of .NET 6 and the increasing popularity of Blazor for web development, C# offers even more possibilities and flexibility for developers.

Considering the demand for C# developers and the vast opportunities it offers, learning C# in 2023 can certainly be a beneficial choice for your programming career.

You can Learn C# from :  Microsoft Official Documentation

4. Golang

Learning Go (Golang) can be beneficial because it offers a simple and readable syntax, making it easier for beginners to grasp. It has a strong community and resources available for support, and it excels in concurrency and performance. Go is widely used for backend development, networking, and cloud services, allowing you to build scalable systems.

You can learn Go from various online resources such as the official Go website, or tutorials on platforms like Udemy and Coursera.

5. Rust

Learning Rust can be highly advantageous as it combines memory safety, performance, and modern programming features. Rust’s syntax is expressive and promotes safe coding practices, ensuring memory safety and preventing common programming errors like null pointer dereferences and data races. It has a growing community and extensive resources available for learning and support. Rust is particularly useful for systems programming, embedded systems, and building high-performance software.

You can learn Rust from official documentation, online tutorials, Rust-specific books like “The Rust Programming Language” by Steve Klabnik and Carol Nichols, and interactive coding platforms such as Exercism and Rust Playground.

6. Kotlin

Learning Kotlin can be highly advantageous as it is a modern and concise programming language that offers seamless interoperability with Java. Kotlin’s syntax is expressive and easy to understand, making it a beginner-friendly language to learn. It has a strong community and extensive resources available for learning and support. Kotlin is particularly popular for Android app development, offering enhanced productivity and safety features compared to Java. It also has applications in server-side development, web development, and multi-platform development with frameworks like Kotlin Multiplatform and Jetpack Compose.

You can learn Kotlin from:  Official Documentation,  or Android Documentation

7. Sql

SQL is an industry-standard structured query language for creating, defining, implementing, accessing, and maintaining relational databases. SQL’s syntax is intuitive and easy to grasp, making it accessible to beginners. It is widely used across industries and provides a powerful set of tools for working with data. SQL allows you to efficiently retrieve, manipulate, and analyze data, enabling you to make informed business decisions. It is also the foundation for many popular database management systems like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle.

You can learn SQL from online tutorials, interactive platforms like SQLZoo and Mode Analytics, and through practice on real-world datasets. Mastering SQL opens up a wide range of career opportunities in data analysis, database administration, and backend development.

8. C++

C++ remains a popular language among beginners, as many universities and educational institutions start with it for teaching programming concepts. Learning C++ can provide a solid foundation in computer science principles, memory management, and low-level programming concepts. Despite the emergence of newer languages, C++ continues to be widely used in industries that require high-performance applications, such as game development, embedded systems, and system-level programming. It offers low-level control, efficiency, and a rich ecosystem of libraries. Additionally, many popular frameworks and libraries, like Qt and Boost, are built using C++. While it may have a steeper learning curve compared to some other languages, mastering C++ can open up opportunities to work on critical projects and in domains that demand performance and optimization. Therefore, learning C++ in 2023 can still be worthwhile for those interested in systems programming, game development, or working on performance-critical applications.

You can Learn C++ from w3schools, or Codecademy 


In Short, Before you choose a Programming language to learn, you should decide what you want to become, which line you want to choose, Web Development, mobile Development, Data Science, Machine Learning , Automation, IOT , Systems programming etc. and based on your interest and domain, you can choose the suitable language. and Keep learning and upgrading your skills to stay in the market because IT Industry is growing very fast.




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